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Noopept is one of the most popular Nootropics out today. In the world of brain gains, this is one that is praised. Reviews across the web show Noopept in a spotlight. Noopept benefits its users in many ways. It has value, is safe, and works on the first dose! If you are on the hunt for something that will help your memory and learning skills, Noopept is the answer for you. It even helps keep your brain cells healthy! We will go over it all here, from Noopept’s benefits to how much you need to take on a daily basis. Find out how much Noopept helps your brain below.What is Noopept?
Before we get into Noopept’s benefits, let’s talk about what it is. Noopept was first made in Russia and sold as a nootropic to help with memory and learning (Its first use was to help prevent brain damage from drug and alcohol use). It is a synthetic substance made in a lab setting and is not a natural nootropic. It is very similar to the nootropic Piracetam in effects, but is said to be up to 1000x stronger! Noopept is featured in supplements like Lumonol, which utilize it’s powerful effects in combination with other brain enhancing ingredients.

Noopept Benefits
Many studies show what Noopept is able to do for your brain. If you would like to see the studies done on Noopept, visit and search the term.
Noopept benefits the brain in many ways. Noopept works to boost brain function and raise focus at the same time. Users of Noopept have found that it improves learning, boosts memory, increases energy levels, and helps with brain health. It works with the right and left sides of the brain to improve communication flow.
Noopept benefits brain functions like learning and memory recall. This is one of the main advantages and is why it has become so popular for its users. When taking Noopept, you will discover that learning new tasks becomes easier. It allows your brain to form more connections, improve reasoning, and boost problem-solving skills.
Noopept is great for brain health. It acts as a strong antioxidant for your body and brain. When taken for long periods, it has shown to improve brain cell damage, especially in elderly patients. See the science behind Noopept at

An Additional Benefit: Little to No Side Effects
Noopept benefits users in a way that it does not appear to build up in the body, so addiction is not a problem. It has been shown to pose a very low risk of side effects when used at the proper dose. Low to almost no side effects has been reported for healthy adults. While many of the other nootropics can cause an occasional headache or two, Noopept has been found actually to reduce headaches. It can even prevent them!
In some of the rarer cases, users have seen a few minor side effects. These include stomach ache, allergic reactions, tingling, and mood. Very few users have even reported these side effects, and it is wise to find the right dose that works for you.
Since side effects are almost absent with this nootropic, we consider this one of Noopept’s benefits.

Medical Uses of Noopept
In Russia, where Noopept was first made, it was used for a number of medical purposes. As stated before, it was created to help brain issues that came from drug or alcohol abuse. As this supplement is not used for that purpose anymore, it still has it’s medical benefits. There have been studies that show that Noopept can serve as a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders. As you can see, Noopepts benefits are seen across the spectrum.
Remember how Noopept is also good for your health? Users have said that it has had a positive impact on your immune system. Wow, something that helps you not get sick! If you are one of those that has headaches through the day, Noopept might be your answer. It has been found to reduce headaches and even prevent them.

Noopept Dosage
To get the best out of Noopept, users take it orally twice per day. Typically they with a small dose of about 10mg two times a day. Users will increase the dose when they find out how it reacts with their body. Of course, before taking anything, it is best to consult your doctor.Conclusion
List of Noopept Benefits that we went over:

Better Memory

Boost Learning

Boost Mental Energy

Enhance Mood

Keep Brain Healthy

Little to No Side Effects